At Café #Friedenswege, you can discuss with specialists, transmit your ideas, and take a position for a just peace.


Exchange with Specialists

Take advantage of the opportunity to have an exchange of opinions and discussions with experts!

In the # Friedenswege-Team, volunteers are involved in areas such as civilian conflict management, religious peace education, and as military pastors. They willingly report on their work, answer questions and are deeply interested in an exchange of views. We provide an overview of current war and peace news from around the globe on a weekly basis. In addition to this overview, an information panel in the café serve as a complementary source for conversation. We document suggestions and ideas from the discussions in the café in our blog in order to make them accessible to others, and to use them for further peace work in the Protestant churches.

selfie statement

Selfie Wall

Publish your personal statement for a just peace!

At Café #Friedenswege we would like to set an example for a just peace. That is why we invite you to conceive your personal peace statement, and either to be photographed or to photograph yourself along with it. Our objective is to gather as many peace statements as possible with diverse ideas, requests, and suggestions for a just peace. All images will be published on our Instagram account and on our website. We would be delighted should you share your selfie on social networks with the hash tag #Friedenswege.


Visualized Surveys

Refer to current peace policy issues!

On an alternating weekly basis, we will tackle a question about a current political issue concerning foreign and/or security policy at Café #Friedenswege. We thus would like to make you reflect about how a just peace can be achieved, and we would like to present the World Exhibition visitors’ opinions and positions on peace policy issues. Ballots will be cast with soft balls through plexiglass tubes. This not only allows you to partake in the vote, but also to see how others have voted. At the end of each week, we document the respective voting results on our website.


On Offer for Groups

Visit us as a group and register for a fixed item on the program with us!

For larger groups (of more than eight persons), we offer the possibility to register for a lecture or a discussion with us. You will thus get an overview in about one hour of the topic you are interested in, or we will moderate and lead a discussion with you. The exact configuration can be freely determined. The café’s educational materials as well as other materials brought along by the respective volunteers will be used for the lectures and discussions.


Prayers for Peace

Let us pray together for peace!

At midday every day (except Tuesdays), we invite you to Café #Friedenswege to pray together for peace. Peace prayers are open to all those interested and no registration is required. Volunteers from the team will lead the peace prayers. The meeting point for peace prayers is always the café. Depending on the size of the group and the individual participant’s wishes, we can also avail of the adjacent sacred space of the Flecht-Kunstwerk , or go to the nearby “Wailing Wall” to pray together.

child in the cafe

Pursuits for Children

We also take care of the children!

At Café #Friedenswege, we have a selection of children’s books, games and colouring pages on the subject of peace that children can use freely. In addition, children can learn how to make an Origami Peace Crane and the story behind it. No fixed childcare services are in place. Whenever possible, our volunteers will find the time to paint, to make things, and to read for the children.



You can explore important places of peace and conflict in Lutherstadt Wittenberg!

At Café #Friedenswege you can borrow technical equipment for a geocaching tour through Wittenberg. It is a kind of schnitzel search with digital support. You will learn how to operate the devices when you receive them. Some form of ID is required as a guarantee. Please note that only a limited number of devices are available.