Some reflections on communication and media development

Some reflections on communication and media development

Café #Friedenswege offers an open space for learning from each other, to participate in events, conversations, discussion and dialogue.

We search here for answers to questions like: How we can achieve peace in the middle of (armed) conflicts and terrorism?

Is it possible to achieve peace only with peaceful action, or do we need sometimes even armed forces to end up armed conflicts or wars? What does this mean for the civilian population? (Looking for example to Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Mali, Libya etc.)

What peace are we talking about?

Just leave the weapons – or does it mean also a better life for all in a just society?

Our message is, that peace and justice are possible, seen as an everlasting process focussing the renouncement to violence, the respect of cultural diversity and supporting that people can live in dignity, and with social and economic justice.

So, we give absolute priority to civilian conflict transformation, prevention and education in peace. That means also to respect the Human Rights and the economic, social, cultural and environmental rights agreed in the United Nations.

With our approach we want to give space to exchange ideas and communicate sometimes just about daily life, experiences in the reformation world exhibition, and our understanding of peace with the invitation to give us statements of your understanding about peace.

“Peace is the basis of our common life in Europe. Nevertheless, peace is needed all over the world. Dialogue instead of weapons!” (Statement from a visitor 20.08.2017)

In the week of “media” we reflect how modern media have changed our communication and relationships, also questioning the role of internet media in peacework: are they help or hindrance for a better understanding and peaceful societies?

This depends how we use these instruments and what about we are posting, talking, chatting, twittering etc. and in which context we are using them.

Twittering about politics in a highly complex world is dangerous (like Trump with North-Corea). Not for using twitter itself, but it is not the medium for political analyze. In this manner we are fragmenting even more our thinking, shattering the context of our understanding and agitating for own interests, only based on personal judgment and assumptions.

On the other hand, we can understand Social Media as a digital platform for visualization and dissemination of information, which allows people to interact with each other in real time. Through this, we are able to recognize ourselves as potential social activists and contribute in this way to social change.

In any case, the way how we communicate is the basis of our common life and decisive for living in peace or conflict and we have the choice to reflect, to ask, to inquire and start thinking more creatively. Asking and listening, we start learning and gaining greater awareness in our surrounding and how we want to live together. So, we can slow down with rapid judgments about others, respect the cultural differences and change perspectives which allow another form of relationships and get in dialogue which each other.

Gaby Weber and Andrés Cáceres

Team Café #Friedenswege

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